Network Marketing Tips and Strategies: The Top 10 Insider Secrets to Better Positioning In MLM

As distributor with a network marketing home based business, one of the best network marketing tips and strategies you can follow is learning how to attract others to you. You want to become the type of person your MLM leads and prospects will lean forward and listen while you talk with them.

There are 10 insider secrets you can begin to use today that will help catapult you into an attraction magnet for others. Just by picking some of these secrets, you will create an endless stream of leads, be more effective recruiting and sponsoring others, increase your sign up rates for customers, and help get you the income you desire.

Even better, you will create a perception in the home business marketplace that you are just everywhere. This is great because after all, everybody says the more you target the market and brand yourself, the easier it will be for opportunity seekers and potential customers to realize it would be absolutely foolish not to buy what you have and/or join you. Why? Because you would be their first person of choice.

Below are the top 10 ways to accomplish this.

1. Become an author and/or consultant for trade magazines, journals, etc. your MLM prospects and customers read.

2. Create a free report, eBook, pamphlet, or any how to do manual that helps your customers do what they do better.

3. Create and distribute your own monthly, quarterly newsletters to targeted prospects. Pack it full of useful content related to your MLM products and/or services and how it can benefit them. Include testimonials.

4. Build and promote your own website with free information and tips for customers and prospects. This is a very easy network marketing strategy to use nowadays with platforms like blogger, WordPress, etc.

5. Send up to the minute news releases related to your success to media outlets your customers read, view, or listen to.

6. Create your own network marketing prospect list of your top 20-40 customers and MLM prospects, and send them a monthly update, small gift, tip sheet, or relevant article.

7. Serve on the appropriate boards and committees that have high visibility with your targeted prospects.

8. Offer to provide free and generic training for associations and organizations your target market belongs to. For example, you could do a training on the colors of personality.

9. Personally create and develop activities that would be of interest and attended to by potential MLM leads in your targeted niche.

10. Develop targeted partnerships with those with non-competing products and services. You would brand yourself as a part of the total solution to solve your mutual prospects problems.

These insider secrets network marketing tips and strategies are used by some of the most successful leaders in the profession. Take some time to study them, start off with a few you believe you can do well, and watch your down line and sponsoring rates skyrocket!

Network Marketing Tips – Secrets to Successful Sponsoring

Network Marketing

There are so many people exploring the different facets of network marketing these days. Some of this may be due to the change in economic circumstances in the country while others may simply want a change of pace from the 9 to 5 job. Either way, there is always something to learn when getting started. Nowhere is this truer than in the subject of approaching prospective leads. Keep reading, because I want to share some network marketing tips that may help be successful at sponsoring.


If you want to be successful at finding the right leads, then you need to consider a couple of things. First, you need to realize that you’re the one in charge. After all, it is your business and you are the one who is in control of how everything operates. It also means that you’ve committed to creating solutions for the pressing need of your prospects – a lack of money. This means that your prospects need you and not the other way around. You want to find those people who want to make more money and who are ready to start a business to do it.

Taking Steps

When you know the sort of people you will be communicating with, you should be better prepared to take some further steps to engage them. Here are four great starting points.

1. Be ready to speak up

It’s crucial that you understand the importance of speaking to lots of people when engaged in promotion and marketing. Network marketing and MLM in particular demands that you be willing to speak up. Understand and accept that you will need to speak with a lot of people and then do it!

2. Express genuine interest

When you’re talking to people, be sincerely interested in what they have to say. In the beginning, don’t try to sell your product or your business. This method does not endear you to most people. Instead, be personal and get your leads involved with people first. Find out if they need to earn money or if they want to get involved in home-based business. Let them communicate their needs and interests to you.

3. Assess their primary need

In other words, when you’ve determined if the prospects want to earn money then you can offer to help them by telling them more about what your business. Treat them like a friend and see what you can do to help them solve their serious problem. Don’t pitch the business directly. Again, be subtle and keep things loose and conversational. Tell them about the benefits of your business, namely, money, more time at home, and financial freedom. Once you go over the advantages, ask them if they might be interested in joining your network.

4. Supply info if they’re interested

The final of these four network marketing tips concerns information exchange. If the lead expresses interest in your network then you can offer them some sales information they can read then tell them you will give them a follow-up call within a day or so to see if they have any questions. Let them know they may be a part of an interview to determine if they would be a good match for your network marketing business.

Additional Info

While there is more to these network marketing tips that I mentioned, I think you have enough to get started. When you get a handle on the sorts of questions that you should ask sponsors you will be able to build up your network marketing business more efficiently.